Clinical development to solidify one’s practice.

Using Motivational Interviewing (MI) effectively takes time to master. Feedback and supervision, whether individual or in a group, can greatly improve one’s practice.

Rachel Green, PhD, psychologist, has over a decade of experience with in-person and online teaching. She offers coaching in private group settings, one-on-one, and in organizational settings.

Proficiency Package

MI takes practice and learning to master. This package offers your team all the training and support they’ll need to call themselves MI practitioners and apply for membership in the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and/or the Association francophone de diffusion de l’Entretien Motivationnel (AFDEM).

Our Proficiency Package includes:

  • The Basics of Motivational Interviewing workshop
  • Intermediate Motivational Interviewing workshop
  • 4 x 2-hour group Clinical Development sessions


Save $275 on 37 hours of courses that can be accredited!

Participants can submit recordings of a client session until they test at a competent level using the MITI (an MI coding tool). The Clinical Development sessions count towards participants’ accredited Supervision hours. All workshops and sessions must be done within 12 months. If your team has already taken our Basics of Motivational Interviewing workshop or has 14 or more hours of a basic Motivational Interviewing workshop and would like to continue with the package, we can create a proficiency package accordingly with an appropriate price adjustment.

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Clinical Development

This 8-hour series (four sessions of 2 hours) is made for Motivational Interviewing (MI) practitioners who want to improve their practice and develop new techniques. These sessions offer practice and direct feedback in a small group setting — precisely what research suggests is the best way to integrate a new practice.

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Individual MITI Coding Feedback

The best way to improve your Motivational Interviewing (MI) practice is with regular feedback based on recordings of actual counselling sessions, either with consenting clients or colleagues/friends willing to be “the client”.

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One-on-One Supervision / Coaching

If you prefer learning one-on-one, that’s possible too! Rachel Green offers individual sessions tailored to you. Whether you want practice and direct feedback using audio recordings from an actual (consenting) client you provide, learn additional MI tools and strategies to deepen your effectiveness as an MI practitioner, improve your ability to weave a strong therapeutic alliance, develop your Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) knowledge or something else, Rachel can help.

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