Levelled workshops in Motivational Interviewing.

dancing gecko training offers Motivational Interviewing (MI) workshops for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners (levels 1, 2 and 3). They last between two and three days (except the Introduction conference). All have been recognized by the Order of Psychologists of Quebec for continuing education credits for psychologists and psychotherapists except where otherwise noted.

All our conferences and workshops can be given in small groups in an inviting space in downtown Montreal, easily accessible by bus and metro, or at your place of work / a location of your choice. During the workshops, you will be encouraged to learn and practice your MI skills in a respectful and safe environment where your previous knowledge and experience will be valued.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will either move our conferences and workshops online or will continue to give our workshops in person, if public health measures permit it. If in person, we will reduce the number of participants per workshop to allow for social distancing. All participants will be asked to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer upon entry, and follow all public health guidelines in effect at the time of their workshop. Should public health measures forbid previously scheduled in-person events at the time of your workshop, we will either offer your course online or you will be credited or re-funded without delay.

All dates shown here are for scheduled events in dancing gecko training’s space. If you would like to schedule a conference or workshop for a private group, please email us.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all our workshops and conferences have gone virtual. Please consult the descriptions below for information, but know that the number of days, the hours and the location will change to go online.

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

For this Introduction conference, which can easily be done in half a day or even over lunch, we come to you (at your place of work or another location of your choice). Depending on the amount of information you want your audience to be offered, this workshop can be as short as 1 hour or as long as 6.5 hours.

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1 | The Basics of Motivational Interviewing

In this Level 1 three-day workshop, you will learn and practice the basics of Motivational Interviewing (MI): how to help people change (especially when it comes to challenging clients), develop your empathy and use your energy more efficiently.

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1 | Weaving a Strong Therapeutic Alliance

Our Level 1 two-day Weaving a Strong Therapeutic Alliance workshop teaches abilities that are not usually specifically taught in academic training. It will help you acquire skills to develop this all-important alliance thus improving treatment quality and client satisfaction, reducing the likelihood that clients stop therapy, and helping protect you from burnout.

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2 | Intermediate Motivational Interviewing

In this Level 2 two-day workshop, you can advance your Motivational Interviewing (MI) practice to deepen your effectiveness as an MI practitioner. You will learn additional tools and focus on “change talk”, as well as other strategies, with an interactive, experiential learning approach. This workshop is tailored to the group’s MI skills needs.

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3 | Motivational Interviewing for Groups

This Level 3 two-day workshop is for MI-trained practitioners who want to integrate MI into group therapy. You will learn how MI can be used in a therapeutic group setting using exercises and you will experience working with the technique in a group. These exercises will address common group therapy issues such as how to build cohesion and work with different types of participants. It will also teach you how to monitor and respond to the needs of the group, the individuals in it, and the interactions between the group members.

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3 | Supervision and Clinical Development Using MI

This Level 3 two-day workshop is designed to teach MI-trained practitioners how to supervise and help others develop their use of Motivational Interviewing. Depending on the expectations of the group, this workshop can be focused on helping you learn to hone the skills of other MI-trained practitioners, develop the MI skills of co-workers/peers/students or to supervise your subordinates using a person-centred, compassionate approach.

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3 | Coding and MI Clinical Development Using the MITI 4.2.1

This Level 3 two day workshop introduces the Motivational Interviewing coding tool “Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) version 4.2.1”, a validated measurement of your MI practice. This tool is ideal if you are an MI practitioner supervising and/or supporting peers or learners, are wishing to deepen your MI practice, or are a researcher who uses MI in your studies.

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