Recorded Sessions

Motivational Interviewing: Facebook Live Q&A

Founder and lead facilitator of dancing gecko training, Rachel Green, PhD, talks about the gaps Motivational Interviewing fills and answers questions from viewers.

Vaccine Hesitancy: Facebook Live Q&A

dancing gecko training lead facilitator, Rachel Green, PhD, discusses vaccine hesitancy and how it can be addressed using Motivational Interviewing.

Motivational Interviewing Tips

Addressing Resistance with Empathy

In this clip from a recent Facebook Live, founder and lead facilitator of dancing gecko training Rachel Green, PhD, talks about empathy – a fundamental skill for helping people change – and how to use it effectively.

Reflecting Change Talk

Rachel Green, PhD, founder and lead facilitator at dancing gecko training, discusses the importance of harmonizing the intensity of our responses with the intensity of our clients’ statements. We can be even more effective if we pay attention to this cue! Check out her recent musing, “Reflecting Change Talk”, for more on this topic.

Affirmations and Motivation

You look mahvelous! Sure, it’s fun to hear that, but that’s a compliment, not an affirmation. An affirmation highlights a strength, attribute or value that the other person has. You might say, “You are really good at styling your hair.” THAT’s an affirmation! Watch our video and find out how affirmations contribute to motivation!

Motivational Interviewing and Vaccine Hesitancy

Now more than ever, vaccine hesitancy is a challenge at the forefront of society. Discover how to use Motivational Interviewing, a collaborative method of communication aimed at strengthening personal motivation for, and commitment to, a specific goal, to help people change their hesitancy towards vaccines. Rachel Green, PhD, lead workshop facilitator at dancing gecko training, gives an example of how to use this best-practice approach in psychology, used to help people realize change.