Change of mindset

The River

Change of mindset|

I share with you a poem I wrote as an exercise for my spiritual group in which we were asked to express a challenge that we faced, represented by a valley, and how we overcame the obstacles. My valley became a river in a valley. How would you express a challenge you have overcome, starting with a valley?

The “What” and “How” of Loving Kindness

Change of mindset|

We hear a lot about self-care and loving-kindness, often used interchangeably, these days. Self-care has become big business as we are guided (or pushed) to purchase products and services that will offer us this nirvana of, dare I say it?, self-realisation. But is that what loving-kindness looks like when we direct it toward ourselves? I think not!

This Burden

Change of mindset|

This is another poem I wrote about the weight and fatigue of surviving life’s difficulties, and how just holding someone’s burden for a moment can make a huge difference to them.

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