Accommodation, Part 1


In my writing group recently, I mentioned that I wanted to write about accommodation. One of our members asked what I meant, so I figured it would be a good idea to define the term I am using. According to Merriam Webster, accommodation is “the act of accommodating someone or something; the state of being accommodated; adaptation, adjustment,” which includes a sense of negotiation or compromise. It is often related to being considerate and/or agreeable, perhaps fed by generosity or fear of being rejected (or both). There is a fine line between accommodating to be agreeable and being a container [...]

Emerging from confinement


But getting back to the release from confinement: how do we take these first steps? For some, it’s simply a matter of dropping these newly acquired habits (but don’t dump that mask just yet and don’t ever give up washing your hands, although that hand-sanitizer smells awful!). For others, it is relearning even the smallest things.

Living in the Paradox of the Unknown


We are living through something surreal, parallel worlds: one in which nothing is happening, most of it via the ethernet. One in which there is real news, skewed news and utterly fake news. The only way out is through. My humanity is seeking touch, intimacy, security. How is your humanity weathering this storm?

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